We would like to thank all members of staff, patients and friends who kindly let us photograph them.      Charity No. 235757


The League will always need funds for projects and to pay for items our Health Trust might otherwise be unable to afford, all of which will help to improve our hospital for patients and staff.  

By becoming a member you will help us to achieve our aim.  Members can vote at the AGM, will receive regular newsletters and when there are vacancies, may be nominated to become members of the Management Committee.

Membership currently costs

£2.00 per year or £10.00 for Life Membership.  

We are always keen to recruit active members to help in our shop and with other activities.  

If you would like to become a member or are interested in the work of the League, please contact the Secretary,

Mrs. Susan Howard on 01884 257036

or email her at showardhosp@yahoo.com

A warm welcome would await you!

Our League of Friends Shop and trolley with 3 of our regular volunteers.


The League is run by members of a Management Committee who also act as Trustees.

Currently the officers of this committee are as follows:

Chairman  - Mr. William Zarrett

Treasurer  - Mr. Ian Bray

Secretary  - Mrs. Susan Howard

The Management Committee meets bi-monthly at the hospital on Thursday evenings.